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Background: The customer is a long-term, acute healthcare and rehabilitation company with 21 locations and 2,000 employees in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and West Virginia. C2XCEL first met with the customer and identified they were functioning with a patchwork of services to create their IT infrastructure. Their small IT staff spent many hours gathering the correct provider information to accommodate needs and troubleshoot issues. The IT staff also invested many hours traveling between locations to perform work on local equipment.

Pain Points: As a result of business acquisitions, the customer’s IT team found it difficult to maintain the demands and growth of the business. The customer needed a solid solution that would eliminate the patchwork infrastructure. They also required a reduction in service providers to allow the IT team the ability to save time on troubleshooting and travel. The ideal scenario would be to allow the IT team the ability to pull on-demand network metrics. This would enable the business to anticipate the need for increased bandwidth to support individual location requirements and bring new facilities into the network infrastructure quickly.

Opportunity: C2XCEL mission was to design an infrastructure that would reduce/eliminate the pain points for the IT
team, while creating an environment in which all locations are able to communicate and function as a collective. This design would encompass data, voice and backup services to ensure no facility would incur downtime. In addition, C2XCEL was faced with the challenge to reduce overall IT spend.

Solution: C2XCEL began this challenge by analyzing the current network, inventorying the current service providers and cost. We then presented a solution that supplied a primary and secondary network, a hosted voice platform and a POTS line consolidation. These would be carried out in a phased implementation that would ensure a smooth transition across all facilities.

Growth: The company decided the recommendations presented by C2XCEL will not only remedy their current challenges but will allow for the quick and easy inclusion of newly acquired locations. This realization prompted the customer to accelerate their acquisition plans, knowing the data and communications environment timeline is shortened and costs are in-line with their needs.

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