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Personalized Strategies and Solutions for Technology Planning

Receive strategic and unbiased evaluations and recommendations from our seasoned technology advisors, who will uncover and consider all technology needs, vet the options and produce a comprehensive technology plan. Every organization strives to create a unique technology landscape that will support the needs, create an efficient work environment and be secure from outside influence. On…
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Internet of Things (IoT) Will Be Massive In 2018

IBM Predicts the Internet of Things (IoT) Will Be Massive In 2018 Excluding computers and phones, connected devices are on track to top 11 billion in 2018. This means that IoT is not a passing phase, and will surely cross the desk of every CIO and IT Director/Team in the near future. This article discusses…
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Who Doesn’t Want a SINGLE point of Contact for Your Technology Solutions?

How often do you feel like a person at the edge of a cliff, gazing at an endless horizon when trying to locate and organize technology solutions for your organization? You want to succeed, but find yourself searching through emails or your received phone calls list hoping to locate that elusive provider contact. This is…
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Unlimited Access to Telecom Technology Suppliers

With the ability to draw a bucket full of solutions from a deep well of suppliers, we are able to locate the best supplier options to fulfill your specific objectives. While many technology advisors limit their range of service providers to those partnered with one master agency, C2XCEL has two master agencies.  This expands our…
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What is SD-WAN and the Financial Impact on your Business?

Software Developed Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), is a dynamic technology solution. Software Developed Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), is a dynamic technology solution providing the ability to manage several data connections through one device, from Fiber to LTE, to create a data redundant environment, while using all available data connections. Prior to SD-WAN, a traditional, redundant…
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CIO Review


An annual listing of 20 companies at the forefront of providing networking solutions and impacting the marketplace DALLAS, TEXAS — October 6, 2017 —C2XCEL, a professional telecommunications consulting firm that analyzes enterprise network infrastructure and locates business inefficiencies, documenting all expenses, with a neat focus on security, was recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising…
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International Law Firm – Case Study

Law Firm |Case Study Challenge An International Law firm focusing on corporate immigration lacked the proper technological infrastructure necessary to operate efficiently. The client acquired a wide variety of carriers and vendors that, over time began eating up profits. The staff that managed vendors were limited by headcount, and, therefore, were unable to meet the…
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How C2XCEL Stays on Top of Cutting Edge Technology

The big benefit for our clients. It’s crucial to stay abreast of the technology trends and direction when assisting clients to attain their technology goals. This is a difficult task, as one never knows where advancements or trends will take the industry. C2XCEL understands the importance for organizations to implement the best solutions offered and…
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Is Your Organization Protecting Private Information Properly?

The recent Equifax data breach illuminates the necessity for proper security processes and procedures in an age of transactions traversing the Internet.  Protecting personal information should be at the top of everyone’s priority list.  It is pertinent that companies are able to ensure their client’s personal information receives highest data protection available. Security protocols have…
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C2XCEL is a member and supports the National Veteran-owned Business Association.  Their mission is simple — to create opportunities for all of America’s veteran-owned businesses.

We are here to Xcelerate your business and help you find the way.

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