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SD-WAN Market and Growth

While Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology was once reserved for smaller-scale operations, it is now seen as a proven, and more mature, network architecture. Today, it is trusted by many distributed enterprises, including those in financial services, healthcare, and retail. The exponential growth rate in the SD-WAN market has been spurred by several factors, including the…
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Detect and Remediate Threats with Threat Intelligence and Security-as-a-Service

When it comes to enterprise security, let’s just say there’s no rest for the weary. Cyber threats continue to escalate, not only in the volume of cyber-attacks but also in their sophistication and complexity. Take for instance the high-profile Equifax breach that exposed sensitive data from some 43 million US consumers in 2017. (Source: Dark…
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5 Key Business Benefits of UCaaS Show Why Businesses Need It Now

Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS is one of many ‘as a service’ products, which are all based on cloud technology. ‘As a service’ products enable businesses to create extensive infrastructure without space and expense requirements for similar or same traditional services. Businesses have integrated cloud concepts so well into their mainstream operations that…
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Safeguard Your Business Against Cyber Security Threats

Cybercrime is a serious and expanding threat in today’s technology arena, spanning across business and consumer applications. McAfee, a well-known contender in the cyber security field, cites five key cyber security trends to watch in 2018. • Machine learning “arms race” • Ransomware attackers • Serverless Apps • The “connected home” • For-profit use of…
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C2XCEL Helps Logistics/Distribution Company with Data Redundancy

Logistics/Distribution  | Case  Study Challenge The customer, an international logistics, and shipping company had the appropriate data access but lacked redundancy, a characteristic crucial to ensure the customer’s ability to keep shipments in transit. The voice platform the customer established was not functioning as they had been led to believe it would, creating a great…
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Personalized Strategies and Solutions for Technology Planning

Receive strategic and unbiased evaluations and recommendations from our seasoned technology advisors, who will uncover and consider all technology needs, vet the options and produce a comprehensive technology plan. Every organization strives to create a unique technology landscape that will support the needs, create an efficient work environment and be secure from outside influence. On…
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Internet of Things (IoT) Will Be Massive In 2018

IBM Predicts the Internet of Things (IoT) Will Be Massive In 2018 Excluding computers and phones, connected devices are on track to top 11 billion in 2018. This means that IoT is not a passing phase, and will surely cross the desk of every CIO and IT Director/Team in the near future. This article discusses…
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Who Doesn’t Want a SINGLE point of Contact for Your Technology Solutions?

How often do you feel like a person at the edge of a cliff, gazing at an endless horizon when trying to locate and organize technology solutions for your organization? You want to succeed, but find yourself searching through emails or your received phone calls list hoping to locate that elusive provider contact. This is…
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Unlimited Access to Telecom Technology Suppliers

With the ability to draw a bucket full of solutions from a deep well of suppliers, we are able to locate the best supplier options to fulfill your specific objectives. While many technology advisors limit their range of service providers to those partnered with one master agency, C2XCEL has two master agencies.  This expands our…
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