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Is Your Organization Protecting Private Information Properly?

Cyber lock

The recent Equifax data breach illuminates the necessity for proper security processes and procedures in an age of transactions traversing the Internet.  Protecting personal information should be at the top of everyone’s priority list.  It is pertinent that companies are able to ensure their client’s personal information receives highest data protection available. Security protocols have…

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Did you Know that when it comes to cybersecurity threats

secure communications

We may have only seen the tip of the iceberg, which has a deep and constantly growing base. With cyber threats lurking everywhere, and the number of highly skilled hackers expanding, so too will the exploitation of sensitive data and the many ways hackers facilitate negative effects upon organizations. • Proper Security: Make sure ALL…

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One breach in your network can cost millions of dollars

security breach

One breach in your network can cost millions of dollars, loss of business and have far reaching effects on your organization’s reputation. The hard and soft dollar expense of a breach can include: – Notifying customers of the breach – Providing customers with identity theft protection – Implementing additional information security controls – Performing mandatory audits…

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Cybersecurity is critical for any organization accessing the Internet

Internet security global network

Internet access is a daily requirement for every business in today’s economy Cyber security must be a priority for every business, no matter the size Due to frequency of cyber-attacks, state and federal governments are now looking to enact regulations that will force a standard of compliance Cyber criminals have . . . stolen money from accounts…

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