One breach in your network can cost millions of dollars

One breach in your network can cost millions of dollars, loss of business and have far reaching effects on your organization’s reputation.

  • The hard and soft dollar expense of a breach can include:
    – Notifying customers of the breach
    – Providing customers with identity theft protection
    – Implementing additional information security controls
    – Performing mandatory audits
    – Rebuilding a damaged reputation with
    – Customers
    – Future talent
    – Vendors
    – Loss of customers
    – Legal settlements and fines
  •  Quantifying the cost of a data breach is not a precise science, and is different for each individual organization
  •  Credit card vendors can terminate their relationship, eliminating a payment method customers expect

Security breaches are pretty much one of the worst things that can happen to a company. Network security must be a priority, or there’s a high likelihood your organization will join an exclusive, but undesirable, a club of organizations that have felt the sting of a breach.

By engaging C2XCEL,  our proven, exclusive process will allow us to evaluate your network to identify gaps and provide the best options to accommodate any of your needs.

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