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  • Voice

    • Hosted Voice: Telephony system provided by a host, delivered over the Internet.
    • Session Initiated Protocol (SIP): An application-layer control protocol for Internet Telephony.
    • Private Branch Exchange (PBX): A telephone system that resides on-site that switches a call on local lines.
    • Time-division Multiplexing (TDM): Transmitting and receiving signals over a common path, via an alternating pattern.
    • Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS): Also referred to as Analog service.
  • Collaboration

    • IM Clients (IM): An electronic message sent via the Internet for immediate availability.
    • Desktop Sharing: Products that allow individuals remote access to view and collaboration on another person’s computer screen.
    • Video Conferencing: The ability to communicate between two or more locations via two-way video and audio transmissions.
    • Audio Conferencing: The ability for three, or more individuals to communicate via a voice technology.
  • IT Applications

    • DaaS – Desktop as a service
    • IaaS – Infrastructure as a service
    • PaaS – Platform as a service
    • SaaS – Software as a service
    • MaaS – Monitoring as a service
  • Network

    • Fiber: Transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light.
    • Ethernet: The most widely installed local area network (LAN) technology.
    • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA): Dedicated Internet Access service
    • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS): High-performance telecommunications network that moves data from one node to the next via short path labeling.
    • Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN): Software-defined networking technology applied to WAN connections used to connect enterprise networks over large geographic distances.
    • Colocation (colo): A data center facility businesses can rent space for servers and other computing hardware.
  • Mobility

    • Cellular Services and Devices
    • Wireless Access Points (WAP): A networking device that allows Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to a wired network.
    • Fleet Management: A system that allows monitoring the movement and other elements of vehicles or other mobile equipment.
  • Security and Management

    • PCI
    • HIPPA
    • Disaster Recovery
    • MDM – Mobile Device Management
    • TEM – Telecom Expense Management
    • NOC – Networks Operations Center

We are here to Xcelerate your business and help you find the way.

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