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4 Reasons to Consider a Business Phone System

Many business owners use their personal phones in the office. While convenient and affordable, you’ll face service provider and plan limitations, and you may be more susceptible to malware and cybersecurity issues. No matter your business size, consider the benefits of a business phone service. These innovations come with several perks and scale well as your company grows.

Why a Business Phone Service Is Perfect for Your Company

1. Improved Security

If a hacker breaks into your personal phone through an email attachment or vicious file, they’ll have access to all your passwords and financial information, which can have a devastating impact on both your work and personal life.

A business phone service eliminates many of these threats because you’re taking your personal information out of the equation. Several business phone systems operate over the cloud or through secure infrastructures, and your carrier will have plenty of cybersecurity defenses—such as malware detection, multi-step authentication, and real-time threat response—in place.

2. Creating a Local Number

People are hesitant to answer calls from unknown area codes, and you may be missing out on prospective clients if your personal phone has an out-of-town number. You can adopt a local area code when you purchase a business phone service.

Customers may be more willing to answer, and you’ll be marketing yourself as a truly local business. You’ll also have the opportunity to create a vanity number— (***) ***-2020 for an ophthalmologist is an example.

3. Connecting Remote Employees

Many small businesses hire remote employees around the country and allow others to work at home. Should you choose a cloud-based business phone service, everyone can still stay connected regardless of their location. This system uses the Internet for connections rather than a landline, so you can call your employees’ computers or devices to connect.

If you’re traveling, you’ll also enjoy connectivity through the cloud and can access phone services, voicemail, and other features functioning through your in-office computer.

4. Savings

Every small business owner wants to save money. A business phone service comes with one convenient, subscription-style price tag. Compare this to the cost of adding a second business phone or reimbursing employees for using their personal phones in the office. You’ll likely save money, and if you choose a cloud-based phone, you won’t face fees for overseas and long-distance calls.

Ready to upgrade your business phone service and telecom features? C2XCEL is committed to connecting businesses in the McKinney, TX, area with superior tech solutions. These professionals will carefully assess your needs and offer options, including web and teleconferencing, cybersecurity, and phone services to fulfill them. Learn more about these business consultants on their website and call (844) 422-9235 to book a consultation.


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