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Over the years we, at C2XCEL, have been asked questions such as, “Why should I choose to work with a technology advisory agent?”, “If my business has an IT person, or team, what benefit could a technology advisor offer?”, and “What is the difference between a Technology advisor and an IT broker?”, from different clients.

These questions prompted us to create an FAQ sheet with 10 reasons every business should work with a Technology Advisor. Over the remainder of this year, we will present blogs with each of those 10 reasons with details explaining each one.

This installment will address Reason number 1: ACCESS TO UNLIMITED SUPPLIER OPTIONS

As a member of ‘The Channel’, C2XCEL has access to roughly 500 different technology suppliers and this list grows continuously. These include, but aren’t limited to data suppliers, voice suppliers, security suppliers, IoT and expense management suppliers. There’s not likely a scenario outside of our reach to assist a client achieve their technology goals. Once we understand a client’s needs, we begin communicating with the suppliers we believe will satisfy the needs. This interaction allows us to include suppliers who fulfill the requirements and exclude suppliers who cannot fulfill the requirements. We perform the legwork and ultimately present only the best supplier options to our client.

This legwork allows our client’s IT to perform their normal tasks. Nobody is having to track down a supplier contact to request a quote, or chase that supplier contact to provide a quote, and no back/forth with that supplier contact with questions. C2XCEL will have performed all of this for the client and present each solution obtained. The client IT remains focused on their daily initiatives and tasks. Our knowledge of and access to so many suppliers will also guarantee every avenue is exhausted. The client can rest assured the options presented represent the best of the best.


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