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Bobby Roberts


DALLAS, TEXAS — JUNE 2020 —C2XCEL a professional telecommunications consulting firm that analyzes enterprise network infrastructure and locate business inefficiencies, documenting all expenses with a neat focus on security is honored to add National Operations Center (NOC) to our portfolio of services offers for our clients.

“I am excited to add NOC services into our portfolio, as I know it will be a beneficial addition for our clients to help them maintain their network performance,” said McNeese. “C2XCEL wants to keep on the cutting edge and believes this service option will add a benefit our customers, and future customers will appreciate and utilize to make certain their network is at peak performance at all times. I believe we mavericks in our industry and will create a new bar by which our competitors will have to follow.”

As a veteran, Jim forms strong leadership skills and continues to support opportunities for all of America’s veteran-owned businesses. Jim is a member of National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA).

Network Operations Center (NOC): NOC services will create an opportunity for businesses to utilize this arena to supplement their existing IT department or allow for the expansion of their IT department to ensure the performance and uptime of their network infrastructure. NOC services outside of the carrier will ensure customers receive the highest degree of service 24/7/365 without the need, and expense, of having on-call staff. NOC services will monitor network stability and work with the associated carriers to resolve issues, potentially without the customer even being aware there is an issue. This service allows customers the reliability their organization will be functioning at peak performance and have the confidence network related issues are handled quickly and efficiently. NOC services will enable the customer’s IT staff to focus on business initiatives and forward progress to remain competitive in an ever changing market landscape.

About C2Xcel

C2XCEL is an unbiased, professional telecommunications consulting firm providing strategic technology solutions for SMB, mid-sized and enterprise level companies. Built on a tried-and-true technique, we can assist customers by increasing operational and financial efficiency. Through analysis and identification of current infrastructure and services, C2XCEL customizes comprehensive solutions for each client’s immediate and future technology requirements, eliminating frustrations and hassles.


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